Big Horn County Detention Center, Wyoming

The Big Horn County Detention Center, Wyoming, first opened its doors in 2001. The prison can oblige 86 detainees at some random time. 

The jail houses Big Horn County detainees: however, we hold detainees for the United States Marshals of Wyoming and Montana, Government Agency of Jails, and the Department of Indian Undertakings. The Government prisoners are hung on contract for a charge that is haggled with every organization. During the monetary 2013-2014 year the prison had the option to get more than a million dollars by holding these agreement detainees. 

The correctional center is under the ruling of Capt. Debbie Cook and Lt Julie Faber. Cook has worked for the correctional Center from when they opened back in 2001. While Lt Faber has been with the facility since 2006. 

The correctional center representatives 12 full-time POST affirmed Agents. The Lodging Control segment also employs 4 full-time workers. The kitchen staff has 2 full time cooks that are answerable for the arrangement of 3 even suppers for each day. The kitchen cooks serve a normal of 5,000 dinners for each month. 

The Prison has an agreement with Halfway Facility of Bowl to give a medical attendant on location and a doctor visit nearby. 


Inmate Funds

Cash can be brought down to the prison for detainees. The prison inclines toward you acquire the assets a cash request, however we will acknowledge money. No checks whatsoever will be acknowledged. 

You may likewise add assets to a detainee's record by means of the Web. You can sign in to and adhere to the guidelines for the facility. The correction Delegates will not give out any close to home data via phone.


To forestall postponement of your letters to the Prisoners in Big Horn County Detention Center, if it is not too much trouble follow the accompanying rules: 

Coming up next are NOT Permitted and the mail will be come back to you: 


If any prisoner mail sent to the facility is disregarding the above guidelines, all substance of the mail will be come back to the sender. 

All prisoner mail must have the sender’s return address along with the detainee's name. On the off chance that mail does exclude the arrival address, the letter cannot be come back to the sender.

About Big Horn County

Big Horn County, Wyoming is situated in the northern piece of Wyoming's Big Horn bowl. Big Horn County was made from packages taken from Johnson, Fremont, and Sheridan areas, and was composed in 1897. 


Civil Division

The Common Division of the Big Horn County Sheriff's Office is answerable for handling the Common administrative work that goes to the Workplace. 

The expense for administration of common papers is $50.00 per activity or per address. The Sheriff's Office will endeavor to serve the paper multiple times for that charge. An extra expense of $5.00 will be charged for each extra endeavor at administration after the underlying three endeavors. 

On the off chance that you have papers to be served by the Sheriff's Specialization, if it's not too much trouble mail the papers to the Sheriff's Office at P.O. Box 69 Bowl, WY 82410, 415 Murphy Road, Bowl, WY for Took care of Ex or UPS. 

If it is not too much trouble incorporate any specifications for your express that must be followed. 

Make certain to remember anecdotal identifiers for your solicitation for administration. The Sheriff's Office requires such data to guarantee that the best possible individual is being served. On the off chance that your solicitation for administration does exclude in any event an appropriate name, birthday, and physical location your solicitation for administration might be denied.

Big Horn County Search and Rescue

Big Horn County search and salvage is separated into three crews. North crew based out of Lovell, South crew based out of Bowl, High point rope salvage crew which is comprised of individuals from the two crews, local group of fire-fighters and law authorization staff. Search and Salvage is accessible all day, every day and reacts to all to sorts of crises, both men made and common. Search and salvage have faculty prepared in health-related crises, water crises, snow crises, atv's, gives in, climbing, and lost individuals. 

Concealed Carry Permit

The application will be given to any individual who demands it, alongside a duplicate of the rule and this guidance sheet disclosing what is important to apply for a CFP. 

The candidate will take the finished structure back to the Sheriff's Office to be legally approved, or you will have the structure authorized with another office. If you do not mind carry the accompanying with you: 

Confirmation of gun wellbeing and capability 

Tracker Security Card, 
or then again Culmination of the handgun class 
or then again Military DD214 structure that comes from the military. 

The candidate will then be fingerprinted 

(If it is not too much trouble call the Sheriff's Department at the following number568-2324 to set up an arrangement for fingerprinting) 

The candidate will pay utilizing two separate cash orders: 

Cash request which will need to be made out to DCI in the payment of $64.00 

Cash request which will need to be made out to Big Horn County Sheriff in the payment of $10.00. 

The candidate will have a duplicate of the application form when they leave the Sheriff's Department. The candidate will need to take this duplicate to the Driver's Permit department to have your photograph taken. 

You will be informed when your Hid Gun License shows up. The candidate must show up face to face at the Sheriff's office to get the grant. It would be ideal if you carry a personal ID with you. 

Big Horn County Dispatch Center

The Dispatch Center is available all day, every day and is kept an eye on by profoundly prepared proficient dispatchers. In a crisis the dispatcher operators are the existence line between the overall population and the people on call. 

The Dispatch Center will dispatch for the accompanying organizations:

Big Horn County Sheriff's Office
Search and Salvage of Big Horn County
Bowl Police Office, Greybull Police Office
Atwood rescue vehicle
Big Horn County Shoot Superintendent
discharge regions #2-4
Greybull Local group of fire-fighters
Shell Local group of fire-fighters
Hyattsville Specialists on call